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Builders in Hard Hats

Our innovative solutions positively impact communities locally. Specializing in soil and water reclamation and remediation for niche clients in the oil and gas industry, Signum Consulting is a leading Environmental Engineering Firm based in Vermilion, Alberta. Established in 2003, our team of environmental specialists apply leadership and collaboration to deliver top-notch solutions.

Our Story

Comprised of a team of environmental specialists, Signum Consulting focuses on providing creative solutions for challenging environmental projects. Since 2003, we have successfully completed numerous projects with a commitment to innovation and cost-effectiveness, ensuring maximum value for our clients.

Services Offered


Signum Consulting Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary environmental services business specializing in reclamation. It offers environmental consulting services to the oil and gas sector of Alberta. ​

The services include:

- Reclamation and Reclamation Applications

- Water well testing

- Phase I Assessments

- Phase II Assessments

- Phase Ill Confirmation Assessments

- Groundwater investigations

- Pre-acquisition Assessments

- Pre-site Assessments

-Water pump off services  


Signum has its office in Vermilion, AB. Its principal areas of service include the areas of Alberta east of Highway 2, between Bonnyville and Medicine Hat. Signum has been in business for over 20 years. The President and owner of Signum is Ron Lutz - P.Eng. who has over forty-five years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Signum's staff has extensive backgrounds including Professional Engineers, Professional Agrologists and field technicians. Signum staff travel extensively in the oil and gas fields belonging to clients, but do not operate any heavy equipment.


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